Top Ten Talking Dragons 10 - 7

Whilst Dragon Zoo has created a pretty comprehensive list of movies featuring dragons of all kinds, we wanted to create a list specifically for the best talking dragons in the movies.

You know the score if you’re a fan of movies with dragons, Toothless is a mute and Draco from Dragon Heart just doesn’t shut up once you get him going. So out of our list of dragon movies that we like, we’ve collected our favourite 10 talking dragons.

10. Saphira - Eragon - Rachel Weisz

Top Ten Talking Dragons - Saphira

You've got a basic flow diagram when it comes to dragon characters which Dragon Zoo will probably create at some point in the future. Does the dragon talk, yes or no? If yes, does the dragon move its mouth when it talks? If yes, you're Smaug or someone else, If no, you're Saphira from Eragon.

That's right. Saphira talks the talk but doesn't always walk the walk, coming across on screen as some sort of weird muted dragon that's dubbed with Rachel Weisz's voice. Whilst the dragon CGI and the choice of voice certainly did the character justice, the movie as a whole was a huge disappointment, and a missed opportunity for what could have been an excellent dragon movie franchise.

Rated only 5.1 on IMDb

9. Madam Mim - The Sword in the Stone – Disney

Top Ten Talking Dragons - Madam Mim

1963’s The Sword in the Stone was a pretty psychedelic affair from Disney, and mad Madam Mim was one of the most out there characters. Capable of magic that enables her to transform into many things (one of which being a dragon), she’s a strange but wonderful creation and Martha Wentworth the owner of one grating voice.

Rated 7.2 on IMDb.

8. Smaug – The Hobbit (TV Movie) – Richard Boone

Top Ten Talking Dragons - Smaug

The original iteration of Smaug was seen on screens in 1977 and was the only version we had for our viewing pleasure until Peter Jackson came along in 2013. This animated movie portrayed Smaug as a dragon which more resembled a lion than the popular versions that are well known from the artwork of John Howe included in The Hobbit book. Whilst the dragon didn’t look quite right, the literal translation of beams of light from the dragon’s eyes could have been better judged, Richard Boone did make for a formidable, booming voice.

Rated 6.7 on IMDb.

7. Elliott - Pete's Dragon – Charlie Callas

Top Ten Talking Dragons - Elliot

Back in 1977 Walt Disney pictures revealed Elliott the big green cartoon talking dragon to the world. This is one of the most unique dragons in this list. Combining classic Disney animation with live action (a la Roger Rabbit, Mary Poppins et al) Elliott the dragon is brought to life as a big, bumbling dragon with a lot of heart.

Rated 6.3 on IMDb.


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