The Legend of St. George's Day

St. George's Day

Ever wonder what the story is behind St. George's Day? At Dragon Zoo we thought that we’d share with our readers one of the most traditional and widely told Dragon stories of all time. So here is our telling of George and the Dragon in our own unique style.

This story takes place in the Middle Ages when everything was a little bit darker and scarier than it is today. There was one particular fella called George who wasn’t easily scared by much and this was thoroughly tested when he was on a trip to Libya. He had been travelling for what felt like years over land and through rough seas before he arrived on the sunny shores of Libya. One of George’s first encounters when he arrived here was with an old ugly hermit bloke who didn’t get out much but always knew the local gossip. (No one really knew how considering all the time he spent indoors). He was stood on his doorstep of his mud hut on this particular sunny day when George and his mates approached on horseback.

“OI, you there, I know something that’s happening that you might be interested in. You look like the type of bloke that might be able to help. You aint from round here are ya?” The old hermit asked George as he approached.

“What do you know old man? I’m George, I’m here to explore and help all those that need it in this amazing country.” George swelled with pride as he spoke looking at the skies valiantly.

“Right.” The old man wasn't much impressed with George, he was just happy because it meant he had the chance to talk a bit more. Normally he just spent his days hunting and then chilling out in his hut. He stood a little straighter before he started his story in an attempt to appear a bit more presentable in front of this strange chap on horseback.

He was obviously a knight or skilled military man of some type, he sat on a nice well kept horse and he had a good physical build, he looked a lot braver and stronger than a lot of people the old man usually saw passing by.

"There’s a problem you see, the King of Selene has a bit of a nuisance hanging outside of the city walls. This thing lurks outside and releases a tremendous stink, killing all those that smell it.”

George laughed at the sound of this, “It’s not you is it?” George’s mates cracked up with laughter but the old man was less than impressed.

“Alright, alright” the old man pretended to laugh along, “but seriously now.” As he said this the old man furrowed his brow, reducing his eyes to just thin, serpent like, narrow slits. George was rather startled by the man’s sudden change in attitude and shuffled awkwardly in his saddle.

“Apologies sir, continue” George said, looking at his mates with a look of concern.


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