Woman Sees Dragons Everywhere

Dragon Zoo is a website which always keeps its staff members looking for new dragons on the internet and in early December 2014, we found an absolute doozy. Forget the latest news on a new movie featuring dragons or the typical new dragon games review, one of our staff writers discovered a startling story about a 52 year old woman that suffered from a rare mental disorder called Prosopometamorphopsia which meant that she encountered facial hallucinations where "everyone's faces looks like a dragon."

If you're a fan of dragons and you're anything like us here at Dragon Zoo that can't get enough of dragons, just be careful what you wish for!

This case of dementia meant that the woman saw dragons everywhere she looked and people's faces transformed and looked:

"black, grew long, pointy ears and a protruding snout, and displayed a reptiloid skin and huge eyes"

Woman Sees Dragons Everywhere

But unfortunately for her, such was the extent of the dementia that she suffered from the dragons didn't just appear on people's faces:

"She saw similar dragon-like faces drifting towards her many times a day from the walls, electrical sockets, or the computer screen…at night she saw many dragon-like faces in the dark."

How absolutely terrifying does that condition sound? Imagine living your life not knowing when you might next be attacked by a terrifying phantom dragon that no-one else can see? This affected the lady's ability to keep her job and obviously the ability to undertake normal social interaction. But thankfully this is one incredible dragon news story with a happy ending and the woman was cured of this condition (after blood tests, MRIs, EEGs and neurological exams) with a prescription of anti-dementia medication.

"She has remained in the same job for the past 3 years and her interaction with colleagues is greatly improved."

Woman Sees Dragons Everywhere

Looks like she's thankfully slayed the dragons thanks to the medical experts and has been mostly dragon free since 2011.

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