Real Dragon Discovery

At Dragon Zoo we constantly have to be on the look out for dragon discoveries when they happen in real life.

Whilst real life dragon discoveries have been fairly quiet of late, itís always interesting to dig back through the dragon zoo news archives to show you some of the recent really cool pictures of dragons in real life that have been discovered.

Take this real life picture of a dragon body washed up on a British beach in 2011. Where was it discovered? Aberdeen. Which means that this real life dragon discovery could be the body of a Scottish Sea Dragon.

Real Dragon Discovery - image courtesy of The Daily Mail

This real life sea dragon discovery was described as being over 30ft long, and whilst the dragonís body is little more than a skeleton, it is pretty easy to see that itís no ordinary sea creature.

Real Dragon Discovery - image courtesy of The Daily Mail

Since this discovery of a Scottish Sea Dragon no other bodies have washed up on the beach, but there have certainly been a few sightings off the Scottish coast in recent years of similar sea dragons.

Take this YouTube video for example originally filmed on the Discovery Channel. Is it a whale? A dolphin? Or a real life sighting of a Scottish Sea Dragon? You decideÖ

The full story about this real life dragon discovery can be read on the website of the British newspaper, The Daily Mail here

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