Fact Ė Toothless Dragons Once Ruled the Skies of Planet Earth

You have to admit, for dragon fans thatís one hell of an attention grabbing headline and technically itís factually accurate too.

Courtesy of the open access journal ZooKeys, Dragon Zoo has discovered details of a study undertaken into fossil records from the Late Cretaceous period and in particular, the discovery of Azhdarchidan pterosaurs.

Dragons Once Ruled the Skies

Hereís where the headline comes from.

Azhdarchidan pterosaurs actually derive their name from Aědarha which is the Persian word for dragon. The Russian Academy of Sciences have analysed the distribution of these fossil remains across the word and drawn the conclusion that these toothless dragons indeed ruled the skies in the latter stages of the cretaceous period, taking over from the more dominant teeth baring pterodactyloids.

With a wingspan of 10-12 metres these creatures really were the giants of the skies that are so often represented in popular dragon fantasy stories (just donít expect any fire breathing or talking). From a review of the source location of the fossils, this has led scientists to believe that the dragons were predominately located by rivers and large lakes. Dragon Zoo can confirm that no hordes of gold have been found by any of these fossil remains.

Dragons Once Ruled the Skies

So there you have it, dragons really did exist and they really did rule the skies. Sure, it might be a technicality, and yes this is just a story which actually refers to fossils of pterodactyloids named after the word dragon, but isnít that the true origin of the dragon? The discovery of fossils such as these giant creatures in ancient history is the most likely reason why dragons ever appeared in popular culture in the first place, and to that end, dragons really did exist.

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