Dragons in Real Life

Do dragons exist? Are dragons real? What proof have you got that dragons really did walk the earth? Did dragons just become extinct?

Dragon Zoo is constantly hounded with many questions on the existence of dragons. Well we're always on the look out for cool dragon related news stories and admittedly, whilst most of them are centred on dragon movies, dragon books, and dragon games there is the occasional dragon sighting!

Below we have photographic evidence of the Cleret Gombel. This is otherwise known as a Klarap or, the Indonesian Flying Lizard. This is a real life photo of a real dragon!

Dragons in Real Life - image courtesy of http://bennettcarnahan.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/tiny-dragon-lizard-indonesia-photo1.jpg

Now we know that this is smaller than your average dragon. But how do you think dragons have changed since ancient times? This species has seemingly evolved to be smaller and more discreet. It flys, glides and jumps between the lush Indonesian trees, its scales and brightly coloured wings reminiscent of any dragon you or I would know.

What will come as a relief to many Dragon Zoo fans is this time you don't have to just look at drawings and sketches like the one below;

Dragons in Real Life - image courtesy of http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs51/i/2009/275/7/6/klarap_wilis_by_sou_tang.jpg

A Klarap as it is otherwise known, drawn by sou-tang on deviantART.

We have uncovered real, un-Photoshopped pictures of these incredible tiny flying dragons. The locals call this either the Cleret Gombel (which sounds very fantasy book cool) or the Klarap (again with the cool fantasy dragon sounding name). But unfortunately us un-imaginative Westerners just call it the Indonesian Flying Dragon.

The following information on them is from Factzoo.com:

"A Flying Dragon Lizard avoids danger by opening two large, winglike flaps of skin and gliding from tree to tree. The lizard steers and brakes with its tail. The large flaps are supported by elongated ribs which they can expand and retract."

Dragons in Real Life - image courtesy of http://www.factzoo.com/sites/all/img/reptiles/flying-dragon-lizard.jpg

Flying Dragon Lizard

With such incredible dragons still in existence on the planet how can anyone doubt that dragons really existed? Ok, any sane person still might, but you know. It's fun. And Picasso said, "Everything you can imagine is real." The great thing about the Cleret Gombel is, you don't need to imagine them. They're really there, tiny dragons flying about the trees for your own eyes to see! So get on over there and check them out! (If you don't have the budget just come back and look at our pictures again)

OR, check out this cool video filmed by some Indonesian locals of the small dragon with its wings spread ready to fly!

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