Dragons Caught on Camera

Dragons Caught on Camera - image courtesy of http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs23/i/2008/024/6/1/Fire_Baby_Dragon_by_Ugly_Flowers.jpg

When looking for more cool images to put on the new Dragon Zoo blog 'A Dragon Picture A Day' we found this incredible picture of what appears to be a fire dragon, made completely from flames!

This image was captured by an artist trying to get a cool photo of flames against a black backdrop and she has claimed that this picture has in no way been digitally altered! How incredible does this little fire dragon look? So cute and so perfectly formed it really looks real! (and that, in part, is because it is!)

This got us thinking, how cool would it be to put together a collection of pictures of "Dragons Caught On Camera"? Here at Dragon Zoo we could collect submissions, find new pictures and add them to this page or create a photo album just for pictures like these. What we really like is the fact that you can find dragons everywhere.

A picture of a field might show a cloud dragon flying over it, a wooded forest might show a dragon sleeping on the floor, even a picture of outer space has provided this incredible Nebula Dragon!

Dragons Caught on Camera - image courtesy of http://www.metamorphozis.com/blog/wallpapers/Space_Horse_Nebula_016018_.jpg

If you like the pictures above and have spotted any dragons lurking and hiding in your home photos then send them in!

We aim to build the largest collection of real life dragon sightings, dragon images and dragon news on the web. Our team of experts will review your dragon images and post online the best.

Email us at [email protected] and we will post submissions to Dragon Zoo on our dragons caught on camera page!

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