Awesome video of a dragon fighting a T-rex!

What would happen if a pre-historic dragon got into a fight with a T-Rex? Who would win?

Dragons used to exist, all believers know this, and we also know they probably became extinct at around the same time as the dinosaurs. The mighty dragon was probably the victim of the same massive extinction event. But have you ever stopped to think of the possible encounters between two of the most formidable creatures that ever walked on planet earth? A dragon fighting a dinosaur? How cool would it be to witness that event!

Well, thanks to the incredible video we found over at Animal Planet we no longer have to imagine. We can see this fantastic fight for ourselves. To see the dragon fighting the Tyrannosaur why not head over to Animal Planet now and check it out? The animation is superb and the battle really is authentic and thrilling. If you've ever seen the TV show walking with dinosaurs you'll know the style of this dragon fight.

For a great interpretation of a dragon fighting a dinosaur, check out this video below:

or check out the video from animal planet here now!

Dragon Fights T-Rex over at Animal Planet

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