Superman Comics with Dragons!

Dragon Zoo has selected some of the best comic books we could find that feature BOTH Superman AND Dragons! Comics are always interesting both visually and in terms of the dense episodic narratives that they put together. But when you can combine one of the world's most famous comic book characters with dragons, you know you're in for a treat.

Who would have thought that two of our favourite things in the world would have so many cross overs? As we delved deeper we found that Superman has fought with and flown alongside dragons on several occasions. Below are some examples of Superman Dragon Comics and Superman Dragon Comic covers that we've researched and found on the internet.

The plan was to buy these comics, read them and review them as and when we found them. BUT, the budget required for some of these is a little bit over the top! $200 for a comic? No thanks! We'll just look at the cover instead!

Superman Dragon Comics - SUPERMAN:BATMAN #83 King Sorcerer

Superman Comics with Dragons - Superman Batman King Sorcerer Number 3

What we love: It's Batman riding a napalm spitting dragon with Superman looking kick ass!

What we hate: What exactly is going on here!?

Superman Dragon Comics - SUPERMAN #86 - The Dragon From King Arthur's Court - 1954

Superman Comics with Dragons - Superman #86 - The Dragon From King Arthur's Court

This is one of the very early (silver years) Superman comics that we really couldn't afford to splash our cash on in our quest for Dragon Comics. (If anyone has a cheap copy for sale please email [email protected]!) There is little or no plot available for this comic book online apart from the fact that Superman is time travelling and appears in King Arthur's Court. This Superman Dragon Comic is one which looks to include some pretty decent fight scenes and judging from the cover (which we know you should never do) it looks like this pesky flame breathing dragon is responsible for revealing Clark Kent's true identity, something VERY similar to our next Superman Dragon Comic...

Superman Dragon Comics - SUPERMAN #142 - The Flame Dragon From Krypton! - 1961

Superman Comics with Dragons - Superman #142 - The Flame Dragon From Krypton!

This startlingly similar Superman dragon comic book cover came just seven years after the first dragon featured in the Superman comics. Again little is known on the actual content of the story of this comic apart from the fact that the dragon fights Superman and, er...comes from Krypton. The cover is so similar to the '54 classic, with flames revealing Clark Kent's true identity. Oh no! We'd love to buy this comic and have a proper read ourselves, but for $60...Not just yet...

Superman Dragon Comics - Action Comics #833 - 2006

Superman Comics with Dragons - Action Comics #833

Well we mentioned it before in this article, and it came to bite us in the butt, just like this dragon is trying to do to Superman! Never, ever, ever, judge a book, or Superman Dragon Comic Book, by it's cover. We found this cover for Action Comics, loved the cover, loved the dragon, bought the comic (for once it was affordable at only $5!) and read it all the way through. Where is the problem you may ask? Well, the only dragon in the whole damn thing is the dragon that's on the front cover! No big Superman Dragon Comic special like the cover suggest and no kick ass Superman Vs. Dragons action! The rest of the comic is about the rise of a villain called The Queen of Fables.

This villain bares a startling resemblance to the Evil Queen from Snow White and sees Superman as her potential prince. So far, so dragon worthy? You'd think. What actually transpires over the course of the comic is pretty trippy. The Queen of Fables forces Superman into a weird dream like alternate reality where he has silver armour, a sword and a Superman Symbol Shield on his arm! He has no super strength and must fight a troll. Not a dragon, a troll. Oh well. Superman wins and comes back to reality but is the Queen of Fables really defeated? No, there are two more comics in this mini story Action Comics #833, 834 and 835. Is there a dragon in the rest of the story? We don't know, and we're not really too fussed about finding out after reading the first!

We're going to keep our eyes open for more Superman Dragon Comics soon, starting with the King Sorcerer Series. Check back on Dragon Zoo soon for more dragon comics!

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