Weta's Best Marketing Campaigns

You may remember some years back the infamous sweary Gollum acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards. This was Andy Serkis back on voice duties and Weta Workshop lending their expertise to animate and render the fully CGI character just for little more than a joke. But obviously the budget was well spent, the video is still viral now and the results were hilarious. So just exactly how do you match that for marketing?

Well there's very little else that could increase exposure further for an already heavily marketed third installment of The Hobbit, except, well, giving Weta a call obviously. Dragons don't normally make it onto chat shows, but in the brilliant Stephen Colbert interview, forget Martin Freeman or Ian McKellen, he interviews Smaug the Dragon. So now we know Smaug thinks Toothless should be called Ball-Less!

Whilst this is nowhere near as well executed, or as funny as the Gollum starring original, it's still worth a look. But you do have to wonder exactly how much extra they stand to earn from doing such a gimmick?

Those special effects boys sure know how to spend the money well!

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