The Illustrated Size Guide to Dragons

Have you ever wondered how your favourite dragons from movies, games and TV would fare if they matched up against each other? Just how big is Smaug from the The Hobbit in comparison to the dragons from Reign of Fire? How big would our favourite video game dragon Spyro look in comparison to Toothless?

If you’ve been asking yourself asking these questions then:

1) You’ve probably got a problem


2) You’ve probably not known the answer. Until now…

Fear no more, for Dragon Zoo has discovered that our friends over at have done the hard work for you (and us) and come up with a splendid infographic showing us how some of our favourite dragons compare in size.

The Illustrated Size Guide to Dragons - image courtest of

So if you didn’t know before, now you do.

Mushu from Mulan and Spyro the dragon are by far and away the smallest of all of the dragons, both measuring up to the tiny length of just 1 metre. They would certainly make for an entertaining scrap that would fit in your living room if they ever got annoyed at each other.

And who wouldn’t enjoy seeing Toothless from how to train your dragon go head to head with Elliott from Disney’s Pete’s Dragon? With Toothless measuring 8.5m long and Elliott just 1.5m larger at 10m, this is a dragon scrap that could take place in your back garden.

The Illustrated Size Guide to Dragons - image courtest of

By the time we get to the higher end of the scale, the Smaugs, Rhaegals and Balerions of the dragon world, you’d need to go to a stadium to see the 60m long dragons face off against each other.

As we’re massive fans of dragons, this is a great little article and we love the effort that’s gone into researching the attributes of some of the most popular dragons from film, games and TV. The next time someone talks to you about Game of Thrones and asks “how big do you reckon those dragons of Daenerys’s will grow?” you’ll be able to give them a pretty decent answer. BIG. The size of a Boeing 747.

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