DragonHeart (1996)

Director: Rob Cohen

Written by: Patrick Read Johnson, Charles Edward Pogue

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery, Dina Meyer, Pete Poslethwaite

Running Time: 103 minutes

What's it About? The story of a dragon slayer, Bowen (Dennis Quaid), who teams up with a dragon named Draco (expertly voiced by Sean Connery) to travel the land performing an act where Draco seemingly terrorizes a village only for Bowen to 'slay' him to receive the villagers plaudits. Eventually the pair must fight to save the entire kingdom from the evil King Einon.

Dragon Zoo Recommends: Absolutely! Despite being almost twenty years old, DragonHeart remains one of our favourite dragon movies. With the perfect balance between good and evil and plenty of action to go with a strong plot, the movie provides the perfect platform for the lead actors to put in some wonderful performances.

Watch the trailer below!

DragonHeart is available to buy from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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