TV Shows with dragons

TV Shows improved with Dragons

We need more dragons on our TV screens!: Dragon Zoo has witnessed the meteoric rise in the popularity of dragons in recent years, in part thanks to the major successes of TV Shows such as Game of Thrones and the popular How to Train Your Dragon kids TV spin-off, Dragons.

With that in mind, we take a look at a selection of shows on our screens in 2018 that were once popular, but whose ratings are dropping and we feel their storylines are losing interest. These TV shows could do with a boost to their ratings, and a flaming kick up their ass in the action and interest stakes. They may not realise it yet, they may never realise it, but here at Dragon Zoo, we think the following TV shows need dragons! Lots of dragons. (And yes, some of our suggestions are more serious than others).

The X-Files (1993 - Ongoing): 11 seasons, two movies, multiple novels and comics and not a single dragon in sight. With the recent event series and the latest season 11 not exactly lighting up the ratings or fully satisfying the fans, surely taking a leaf out of GoT and having a dragon or two wouldn't go amiss?

Think about it, for a show that doesn't just do the alien abduction conspiracy theory narratives, but also specialises in science-fiction, horror and fantasy, surely a dragon themed episode would be a good fit? Over the years, aside from the aliens, murderers and monsters, Mulder and Scully have investigated more traditional adversaries such as ghosts, vampires and zombies, so why not dragons? If the show can create a watchable episode centred on a villain that's made from garbage (S10E04), getting some dragons in the X-Files really wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Marvel's Agents of Shield (2013 - Ongoing): At the time of writing, the show is currently into its fifth season and so far, avoiding the cancellation fate of Marvel's Agent Carter. Whilst it may seem unfair to criticise Agents of Shield of losing its way in recent years, it's undeniable that the show certainly could do with a boost in the ratings figures.

A fantastic 12million U.S viewers watched the pilot, before dropping down to a more consistent 7million viewers in the early parts of season 1. Now compare those numbers with the 2.54million that watched the opening of season 5 and an all-time low viewership of 1.84million for S05E04 and you may well agree that Agents of Shield needs something special to regain attention. Our suggested fix? You guessed it, dragons in Agents of Shield.

Why not? Marvel comics have turned to dragons in the past to give some of their greatest heroes a decent adversary to face up against. Check out our Thor vs. dragons articles for example. Not even the introduction of Ghost Rider in season 4 of the show ignited the interest needed to bring the show back to its former glories. So, if Agents of Shield wants to hang on to the coat tails of HBO's phenomenally successful Game of Thrones, let's get those Agents of Shield facing off against some dragons once in a while!

Stranger Things (2016 - Ongoing): Netflix's 80s love letter phenomenon has had an amazing first two seasons, achieving instant cult classic status with hordes of streaming viewers. The Stephen King and Steven Spielberg loving TV show just can't get enough of those knowing references to the Duffer Brothers favourite movies, games, books and TV shows. Everything from horror to sci-fi is covered in this great show, with references galore to E.T, The Goonies, Star Wars, Aliens, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Stand by Me and Carrie to name just a few.

Yet arguably the nostalgia trip has started to wear off as the series has continued. This hasn't been helped by the fact that the Silent Hill-esque "Upside Down" has been explored for a second season in a row. Things are starting to feel a little too familiar. Perhaps it's time to freshen up the narrative a little before those grumblings of dissent from fans became more substantial?

The 80s was full of great dragon movies (Dragonslayer, Q: The Winged Serpent, The NeverEnding Story, Willow) and you can explore these (and more) in our dragons in movies list. In 1984, the Duffer Brothers favourite author, Stephen King wrote the novel "The Eyes of the Dragon", a story linked with The Dark Tower series and his masterpiece, The Stand, the character Randall Flagg the main villain in both books. Having dragons in Stranger Things would definitely keep with the 80s vibe, but importantly, also align to the ongoing tributes to their favourite author's work, fitting in perfectly with the existing style and concept of the show.

It all stacks up for us, every adversary they've faced thus far has been primarily based on creatures referenced from Dungeons & Dragons (the Demogorgon, the Thessalhydra, the Troglodytes and the Mind Flayer) and all we're missing now is an actual dragon! Imagine dragons breaking through the portal and causing some real havoc in the small town of Hawkins; seeing Eleven use her powers against a swarm of flying dragons sounds fun to us!

So why not mix up those "Upside Down" creatures a little and get some dragons in Stranger Things Season 3?

The Walking Dead (2010 - Ongoing): What a TV Show. The Walking Dead has made some of the most horrific and visceral violence mainstream viewing with its post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. And whilst the viewers keep turning up for this gore-soaked drama - initially averaging 5million, now 11million - it'd be nice to mix up the zombies and the demented human adversaries with something a little different.

OK, so dragons and The Walking Dead may not be a natural fit, but the thought of dragons raining fire from the skies over hordes of zombies would be a visual delight. Better yet, zombie dragons! If Rick and his gang think zombies are difficult, wait until they try and defeat a zombie dragon! Even Negan and his trusty bat Lucille might struggle against a fire breathing zombie dragon.

Maybe this is one best left to our imagination?

Supergirl: (2015 - Ongoing)

The Supergirl TV show has gone from an average of 9.81million US viewers for its first season to an average of 3.12million in its second season. Now whilst these numbers aren't a huge cause for concern for season 3, it does project a pretty dramatic drop off in viewership for a show that's so early into its run. We need a kick to regain the interest. The introduction of Superman helped, but we need more, something a little more GoT possibly? No we're not talking nudity and unexpected deaths (although either could work!) we're talking dragons in Supergirl.

The show has been largely well received, helped by a willing and engaging turn by Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, but the monster of the week plots could really do with a bit of a mix-up and refresh from the ubiquitous aliens, cyborgs, criminals and Livewire fights.

You might think that Supergirl fighting dragons sounds a bit silly, but it could actually work really well and in our opinion would be no more silly than some of the villains already seen on the show. Whilst we'd like to see some aerial action over Metropolis with a fire breathing dragon and Supergirl fighting amongst the skyscrapers, there's also an opportunity to do a Phantom Zone plot. This could be based on the recent comics run Escape from the Phantom Zone where Supergirl faces off against villain Xa-Du, that transforms into a dragon. You can read more about this dragon in Supergirl comics on the DC Database here.

We won't do a dedicated section for The Flash TV show, but like Supergirl, this show could easily incorporate dragons into an episode, especially with all of the alternate dimensions that takes place. Imagine The Flash running rings around a fire breathing dragon, sounds like fun to us!

Westworld (2016 - Ongoing): Now clearly this is a TV show that doesn't need any assistance either in audience interest or ratings. The first series was outstanding, and the second series looks to deliver more of the drama, action and high concept plotting that made the first season such a success.

BUT - for anyone that's seen the original Michael Crichton written and directed movie, you'll be aware that there's more than just a Western themed robot world for customers to visit. The 1973 movie featured a MedievalWorld and a RomanWorld, with the sequel based on FutureWorld. Even the latest TV show gave us the briefest of hints at a Samurai themed world in its final episodes.

With those robot horses, buffalo and cowboys, perhaps a MedievalWorld that features robotic flying dragons wouldn't be such a bad idea for series 2 or 3 of HBOs Westworld? We all know that HBO has got some serious success out of their dragons in GoT, so why not do a knowing little nod with a sneaky android dragon or two in some of the other Delos zones they choose to show in the next few series of Westworld? Dragons in Westworld would make an already excellent show even better in our opinion.

House of Cards (2013 - 2018): The critically acclaimed Netflix US drama series has been a fan favourite for the last four years, its unique fourth wall breaking style was like a political Deadpool with less dick jokes. But then Spacey-gate happened. With the actor found out and dismissed, season 6 was in a hiatus until recently with this 8 episode run being confirmed as its last. Robin Wright will take the lead, joined by Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane.

So with the showing going up in flames, why not have another TV series with dragons in it and make the source of those flames dragons! We could think of a lot worse! Five seasons of real world politics and over the top conspiracy dealings and sub-plots, followed by a climactic sixth season with the White House ambushed by a horde of dragons! Season six opening with a shot of Frank Underwood's flaming body and the shadow of a dragon flying that's a discussion worthy start that's sure to bring the viewers!

Homeland (2011 - Ongoing): At the time of writing, this show is still going strong. Following Damian Lewis departing after season 3, we thought that was pretty much that, however, we're now into the seventh season. But it's variations on a theme isn't it? Terrorists, terrorists and terrorists. Some homegrown, some external, some aided by internal government members. Seven series of terrorism. What we need is Saul and Carrie facing off against an onslaught of dragons! Now that would bring us back to watch season 8.

Got any suggestions for other TV Shows that would benefit from having dragons in them? Contact us through our social media or via our contact form.

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