Toothless "My Patronus is a Night Fury T-Shirt"

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If there's a sure-fire winner for us, it's dragon gifts that make references to our favourite dragon books and dragon movies, and this dragon gift achieves it all!

Both Harry Potter and How to Train Your Dragon have some of the largest fan followings around, and are a treasure trove of cool stuff for fans of dragons. So, if you like either of these franchises, you'll love this dragon gift idea, a kick ass T-Shirt that references both Harry Potter and HTTYD.

Night Fury Toothless T-Shirt

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Toothless the dragon, a Night Fury breed of dragon from How to Train Your Dragon, has to be one of the cutest dragons ever to grace our cinema and TV screens. Such is this little dragon's appeal, pretty much any dragon gift that features Toothless is awesome and gets our endorsement! But this T-shirt goes one better than just a standard Toothless How to Train Your Dragon gift, it also references the Harry Potter-verse!

Any wizard faced with soul sucking Dementors within the Harry Potter storiess needs to conjure a Patronus spell to ward them off. This is a protective spell that is formed based on positive feelings, normally from the spell caster's happiest feelings or memories. According to J.K Rowling's Pottermore, a Patronus "generally takes the shape of the animal with whom they share the deepest affinity". So, if you're a massive Toothless fan and you conjured a Patronus, this T-Shirt would be the end result! A super cute Night Fury Patronus spell!

OK, so we're geeking out admittedly, but this is such a cool crossover idea that we can't help but be excited. Both franchises have introduced us to some of the most exciting dragon species and action spectacles across the 8 Harry Potter movies, two How to Train Your Dragon movies and the Dragons spin-off TV show.

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