McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King

Series One

There used to be a time when a boxed action figure was exciting enough on its own merits, (especially when that box held a dragon or dragons) but those days seem to be long gone. Nowadays if the figure isn’t accompanied by some quirky 80s horror movie tie-in or TV Show, it seems as though it’s not worth releasing. So let’s venture into the past, when toy manufacturers were more ambitious and when kids were willing to buy into a franchise that they hadn’t seen on TV or in the cinema.

McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King

Back in February 2005 McFarlane’s toys released an original series of stunning deluxe boxed set painted action figures called Dragons: Quest for the Lost King. The unique selling point wasn’t the fact that it was based on an already established TV Show like The Walking Dead or movie like Evil Dead, it was essentially based on the fact that they looked stunning, and everyone wanted one.

A bonus accompaniment to these toys was a little snippet of story, with no reference franchise, McFarlane’s toys created their own mythology, each figurine coming with their own bit of history and expanding piece of the story.

In total there were eight series, beginning in 2005, and developing the story of the Quest of the Lost Kind which each dragon figurine released.

Series 1:

The first series began the story of the dragon nation:

“A great cataclysm struck the dragon nation, killing the king, destroying their civilization and causing the disappearance of the sole heir to the dragon throne, the king's son. The dragons that survived the great disaster fled to many hidden points of the globe.

Humanity rose to power, inventing its own language and writing, and building the Earth's dominant culture. But when a dragon that seems to have the gift of speech is sighted by men, all bets are suddenly off. How will the two species interact? Will there be peace between dragon and man? Or war?”

Berserker Clan Dragon vs. Human Attacker

McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King

The first figure we’ll look at is a cave dwelling dragon that is “most treacherous” of all of the dragon species. From the images below you can immediately see why fans of dragons would want these figures, the design, the detail and the energy captured from a static figurine is really impressive.

Water Dragon Clan

McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King

The Water dragons are apparently empathetic, intuitive and – as you’d expect – great swimmers. Just don’t play with your collector’s figurine in the bath.

Sorcerers Dragon Clan

McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King

Well these dragons like to participate in rune writing and crafty manipulation supposedly. Hence the big crystal ball and devious look.

Komodo Dragon Clan

McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King

Not the boring big lizards which exist in real life, but quick running mystical creatures that may be the cause of earthquakes? Either way, they’re fierce man hunters as these pictures will attest.

Fire Dragon Clan

McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King

In the world of McFarlane’s dragons, if you’re deadly and dangerous, this means they’re rarely sighted and hoarders of treasure. But despite the questionable attributes, the figurine definitely looks the business.

Eternal Dragon Clan

McFarlane's Dragons: Quest for the Lost King

The eternal dragons were tamed by the dragon riders and live on the tops of mountains like the New Zealand Mountain Dragon or those creatures from Avatar. How magical/cheesy is this official description?

“These dragons nest in the mountain tops, live in the clouds, thrive in thunderstorms, frolic in hurricanes and are sometimes mistaken for shooting stars.”

We’ll cover series 2 – 8 of this brilliant toy series in future articles. If you’re looking for great dragon gifts, even though these toys are no longer released, you can still find them on and fairly often. And be sure to check for more images and more information on both the dragons toys and all other McFarlane’s Toys Series.

For more information check out the McFarlane’s Toys Wikipedia Page

All images sourced from the website and official McFarlane’s Toys Pictures.

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