Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

Here at Dragon Zoo we're always on the lookout for great dragon gifts because - as you should probably be able to guess by now - we love dragons!

One problem we've found when looking for gift ideas is the fact that not everybody in the world loves a giant stuffed cuddly Spyro the Dragon toy! So, if you love dragons but you're struggling to find a gift that's personal to you but also something that your friends and family will enjoy, look no further, we’ve found a perfect dragon gift idea courtesy of http://www.lush.co.uk

Lush are a UK based company which specialise in handmade cosmetics, and they’ve released a bath bomb with a little bit of a dragon theme, the dragon’s egg.

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

The Dragon’s Egg is a bath bomb which “fizzes and crackles” and changes the colour of your bath water to a golden colour. The Citrusy scent of the bath bomb means you come out not only clean, but smelling of Lemon Sherbet.

So if you’re a massive fan of dragons and want to buy a dragon themed gift for someone that might not necessarily be as into dragons as you are, this is the perfect gift right? Everyone needs to take a bath once in a while and the dragon theme will mean they’ll definitely know that it’s a gift from you.

To buy your Dragon’s Egg, visit the link below:


It’s worth noting that Lush specialise in products which aren’t tested on animals or dragons.

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