Dragon Stout

The Dragon Gifts section of Dragon-Zoo.com is all about finding the best dragon related products out there in the big wide world. Our writing team working tirelessly to read the latest dragon books, watch the latest movies with dragons and buy the latest Adidas dragon trainers for example, but sometimes we just need to sit down, take a break and have a beer.

So, if you’re into your dragons like we are, forget your Stella, leave your Carlsberg and don’t even think about your Fosters, we’ve got our hands on some Dragon Stout. The perfect gift for beer drinking dragon fans? We pucker up to find out…

Dragon Stout
Image courtesy of brewdrinkrun.com

Dragon Stout is manufactured from the brewers of the famous Jamaican Red Stripe Beer, Desnoes and Geddes (D&G). The headquarters of the brewery is located in the exotic Kingston Jamaica, which should be familiar with a few dragons, the Bond movie Dr. No, (set in Jamaica) featured a “dragon” (which in actuality was a buggy with a flame thrower on the front) scouring the beach of the villain’s Crab Key Island.

But when James Bond isn’t fighting dragons there, the brewers from Desnoes & Geddes are busy brewing the 7.5% Dragon Stout. Considering its immensely strong alcoholic volume, the stout comes in 284ml bottles meaning that you can imbibe without over doing it.

Stout is in an acquired taste, and high ABV drinks aren’t for everybody’s palette, but somehow, the combination of the two manages to balance the drink perfectly. OK, so you couldn’t smash through too many of these bad boys but knocking back a couple of Dragon Stouts while bingeing on Game of Thrones makes for a hell of a Friday night.

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