Dungeons & Dragons Sword Coast Legends

On February 12th 2015 the internet went D&D mad, Twitter was trending #swordcoast and fans were rightly getting excited on the first major announcement page over on IGN.com. The reason? A new Dungeons and Dragons game, Sword Coast Legends is due for release on PC at "some point" in 2015. Big news.

The last few years have seen DnD fans having to make do with the much derided Daggerdale (49% on Metacritic) from Bedlam Games, and the great fun remakes upon enhanced editions of the Forgotten Realms set Baldur's Gate 1 &2 by Overhaul Games (at least they were good, 78% on Metacritic for both) and the online free to play MMO, Neverwinter by Cryptic Studios. (74% on Metacritic) But whilst there's been plenty of videogames to be playing if you're a D&D fan, there hasn't yet been a single game which fully replicates the Dungeon Master experience, until now.

Dungeons & Dragons Sword Coast Legends
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Sword Coast Legends should return us to landscapes we're familiar with from Baldur's Gate as well as offering us all new environments, exciting enough but a fairly standard update that accompanies any new game. But here's the exciting part, Sword Coast Legends is set to feature a Dungeon Master Mode, an online mode which replicates for the first time the classic board game experience. It's a standard four against one multiplayer game with the DM given the online tool set to guide, aid or hinder players. That's online, 4 human players managed in real-time by a human dungeon master. How absolutely fantastic does that sound? The DM's can even be rewarded for creating an engaging and satisfying adventure that's tailored in real-time to the player's expectations.

The gameplay will be based on the D&D 5th edition rule set and will also feature a single-player campaign mode that players of the Baldur's Gate series will be familiar with. If that's not exciting enough, the game is being developed by n-Space and Digital Extremes, the n-Space President? Dan Tudge. Someone who knows a thing or two about how to create an epic dragon themed RPG videogame, being the director of Dragon Age: Origins (91%).

Dungeons & Dragons Sword Coast Legends
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Tudge stated during the announcement for D&D: Sword Coast Legends, "When I directed Dragon Age: Origins the mission was to create the ‘spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate' and I think players really felt like Origins achieved that…With Sword Coast Legends we are also continuing the legacy of the Baldur's Gate series so you will see strong influences from not only those games, but from Dragon Age: Origins as well. You will definitely feel the influence in the tactical party-based combat, pause and play and character progression, but it's the rich story and memorable characters where the influence is strongest".

The Baldur's Gate Boxset featuring all four games is now available for a very low price, so grab it while you wait for Sword Coast Legends!

So far so good! A unique online 4 vs 1 mode? A real time Dungeon Master capability without the need to follow pre-allocated scripts? A world renowned and experienced director at the helm of the ship? This sounds like yet another excellent D&D videogame in the making. We sincerely apologise for mentioning Daggerdale and bringing back all those memories of disappointment, Sword Coast Legends looks set to be a D&D game which not only meets, but exceeds our expectations. Dragon Zoo will keep you updated.

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For all of the information, read the original article on ign.com.

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