Dragon's Dogma Online - Where Capcom Went Wrong

Dragon's Dogma Online - Where Capcom Went Wrong

By now you may have heard that Capcom have announced a new Dragon's Dogma game. Our first reaction? Unrestrained excitement! We loved the first game, we loved Dark Arisen. Was this the sequel we've all been dreaming about for the past two years? Was it the PC port fans have been lobbying for almost since day one?

No. What we have instead is Dragon's Dogma Online, an MMO with an open world, a lobby that supports up to 100 gamers, and the opportunity to form crews of up to four members to complete missions and go on quests. All of this sounds promising, but there are a number of big BUTS...

We've been increasingly worried about Capcom and on DDO they've confirmed those fears by making a number of fundamental errors sure to alienate fans all over the world, but especially those in the West.

The game, announced in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu on January 29th 2015, will be exclusive to PlayStation 3 and 4 and available on PC. It will also be Free to Play meaning that we can expect the dreaded 'micro-transactions'.

Dragon's Dogma Online - Where Capcom Went WrongDragon's Dogma Online - Where Capcom Went Wrong

As well as completely ignoring fans calls for a sequel, dismissing Xbox users completely, removing the single play RPG aspect that made the original so incredible, Capcom have also announced that there are no plans to release the game in the west meaning that it's essentially a Japan-only release.

So what can we do about it? Once full details of the game have been released, Dragon Zoo will be contacting Capcom to ask about plans for a proper Dragon's Dogma sequel and to petition them to release DDO in the west.

What can you do about it? Share this article, get your friends involved, contact Dragon Zoo to give us a 'Hell Yeah' and add your voice to our Capcom protest. Together, we'll get the answers we're looking for.

Keep an eye on Dragon Zoo for more updates once we have them.

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