Dragon Zoo Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse

It seems a long time since Dragon Ball XenoVerse was officially announced in June 2014, but weíre now just under two weeks from the release of what could already be shaping up to be the dragon game of the year.

As we all know, XV is a bit of a sidestep for the series, with a completely fresh plot that centres on a character that you create yourself. And until recently, thatís all we knew. But with the game having dropped in Japan this week, Dragon Zoo are able to bring you first look reviews and all the details you could want.

Dragon Zoo Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse

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If you pre-order the US version there are a variety of special edition options, UK buyers can get their hands on the exclusive Trunks' Travel Edition

The much anticipated plot places you into an altered Dragon Ball world. Think you know the universe? Think again. Something, no everything, has changed, and itís up to you to put it right.

How do you do that? To start with you must create your character, and the range of customisation options from cosmetic tweaks to strengths and abilities is excellent and gives the game an early feel of complete immersion. And once you start the game, you will feel as though you are the centre of this anime world.

Mastering the controls of the game is relatively simple, so even if youíre not used to fighting games, or find the often mind-boggling combinations a bit daunting, donít worry. Interestingly, you develop your character through becoming a student of other inhabitants of the Dragon Ball world before fighting alongside them. Learning your craft at Gokuís feet and then fighting side by side with him is an absolute treat.

Dragon Zoo Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse

The sheer speed of the fights is breath taking and the graphics on next gen consoles have to be seen to be believed. One slight criticism of the game is that some of the missions can feel a little repetitive, but more often than not, youíll be having too much fun to notice!

For endless variety, you can take your character into the online world and go head-to-head with fighters from all over the world.

Dragon Zoo Review: Dragon Ball XenoVerse

So should you buy it? Well weíve all had our fingers burned with average (to be generous!) Dragon Ball games over the years, and there were very real fears that XV would focus solely on the graphical capabilities of the next gen machines in place of gameplay. However, with an imaginative story, many customisation options, a great online platform and the promise of a variety of downloadable content, Dragon Ball XenoVerse looks set to return to the glory days of Super Dragon Ball Z.

What are you waiting for? Buy it now!

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