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Best Dragon Computer Games 2011 - Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

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An epic RPG game featuring dragons was released in 2011 which has now gone down in the gaming hall of fame. Skyrim. The fifth in the long running and hugely successful Elder Scrolls series.

This game proved to be one of the most immersing and detailed alternate worlds ever created. Dragons prowled the skies everywhere you roamed within the game, they looked spectacular, they were dangerous, and the game rewarded you for continued play and upskilling so that you can speak their language and use spells to control them. Unlike other games with dragons, this game wasn't simply just about the dragons, it was an entire fantasy world brought to life by thousands of hours of sustained play and amazingly epic dragons just so happened to be the icing on the cake.

Skyrim goes down as one of the best dragon games of 2011 with its astonishing Metacritic Metascore of 95

Check out the full trailer below for the best of what was an instant Dragon Computer Game classic:

Best Dragon Computer Games 2011 - Dragon Age 2

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2010 saw the release of Dragon Age, an adult, violent tale brought to the PC and Consoles by Bioware, famous for their classic Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic series. 2011 - guess it - saw Dragon Age 2 being released! And whilst it doesn't win any points for the originality of the games title, the game itself was a mammoth, napalm flobbing beast of a game! Look out for our article on the latest Dragon Age game released in November 2014, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Taking the successful RPG elements of its successor and the other notorious series that Bioware have specialised in over the years, improving the graphics and nudging up the playing time, this was, and still is, an absolute classic game with dragons.

Awarded a Metascore of 82 on Metacritic

Check out the trailer below:

Click here to visit the official Dragon Age 2 website for more info.

Best Dragon Computer Games 2011 - Project Draco - Crimson Dragon

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Project Draco (or Crimson Dragon as it is now called) proved to be something completely different to the RPG stylings that Dragon Computer Games often tend to be. For once, you could actually control the dragons, fly them, soar with them, and swoop and race through the skies with your majestic scaled dragon!

Back in 2011 at a demo at the Tokyo Game Show, this game had people excited, it looked like it could be both incredibly fun to play AND breathtaking all in one! Microsoft Studios announced that Project Draco was an XBox Kinect game which meant, oh yeah, NO CONTROLLERS and just YOU flying YOUR dragon with YOUR hands! We couldn't wait for this one! But then the game got delayed, massively.

So whilst this is an article about the best dragon games of 2011, this absolutely 100% SHOULD have been. But ultimately it wasn't. However, it really does get the Dragon Zoo award for the best dragon game trailer of 2011 and certainly one of the most dragons games of the year by our staff.

Snap back to 2014 and the game was released - now on Xbox One as it had been delayed for so long - with a whimper. Gone was the amazing hook of flying your dragon through Kinect, in its place, A RAIL SHOOTER? Not a great idea. And the final scores of Metacritic reflected this, limping home with tonnes of ruined potential with a final Metascore of 55

Check out the trailer for Project Draco below:

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