Dragon Games - iOS App Adventure Quest Dragons Review

Dragon Zoo continues our reviews of dragon games with this series of game play videos on the free iOS App game - Adventure Quest Dragons.

Whilst the first iOS game we played, Game of War, was a great game, it really wasn't a dragon game in all honesty. We played the game for weeks and weeks before we realised that we weren't going to be see dragons frequently in the game. So, we moved onto this, Adventure Quest Dragons, a game which promised to feature dragons from the get go. And we weren't disappointed.

Adventure Quest Dragons certainly does feature dragons, and they are certainly drawn well, but unfortunately the game is just too simplistic, repetitive and monotonous to be any fun or have any lasting appeal. Being a free iOS game, there's always going to be incentives to sign your friends up, purchase in-game upgrades or unlockables etc. etc. but one of this games key game play mechanics is to watch trailers for other games as a means to unlock dragon keys. Not exactly inspiring...

If you are looking for a dragon themed game for the younger generation, this could be the game for you. Essentially the game consists of a large gem in the centre of the screen that you need to repeatedly tap to earn gems. The more gems you earn, the more elements of the dragon story you can unlock and the more "auto-gems" that you can buy. This is the game play, hit the gem repeatedly, spend your earnings on "missions" or "auto-gem" upgrades, hit the gem repeatedly. When you get bored, you can leave the game for the gems to keep adding up in your absence, or, you can watch lots of game trailers to try and earn a dragon key (max. 1 per day) in order to save to unlock more dragons to repeat this process.

Sound strange? Seems a bit simplistic and weird? That's because it is. The best way is to watch our game play videos below to get a better idea of what to expect from the game...

Watch Our Game Play Videos

Dragon Zoo Recommends: that you steer clear of this game. Sure it's free, and sure it features dragons. But unless you've got the memory of a fish or love repeatedly hitting things, there's really not much this game can offer you aside from a great way to find out what other iOS games are available when you're hunting for those dragon keys. Next up, we're looking at War Dragons

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