Dragon Games - iOS App War Dragons Review

Dragon Zoo reviews as many dragon games as it can in this series of game play videos, and we think we've found the best free iOS App game yet! - War Dragons.

War Dragons is an action packed dragon game with amazing graphics, a stunning mix of fun action gameplay and classic time-based strategy. Throw into the mix an amazing array of cool dragons and you've got yourself an absolute winner.

Pocket Gems War Dragons was released in April 2015 but hasn't yet met the dizzy heights that it deserves to. Looking at the iOS store the game has received just 198 reviews with a total rating of 4.5 stars, that volume of review pales in comparison to the likes of Game of War on 570 reviews and Clash of Clans on 477 reviews. But War of Dragons surpasses both in its ambition, graphics and gameplay.

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War Dragons is amazing fun to play (just look at our multiple game play videos on our YouTube Channel if you want to see more) and we absolutely love the fact that you get to breed, develop and play as a dizzying number of different dragon species each with a number of different abilities. Swoop into battle and destroy archer towers, turrets, ships and houses in fantastic 3D graphics with your dragon before returning back to base and continuing to develop your strategy, make your upgrades and join teams of fellow War Dragon players.

This game has everything you could ask for if you love dragons. It has the fun factor, the wow factor, the strategy and development themes of Game of War and the action and fun elements of an arcade game. If you haven't yet played this, we recommend you take a look at our videos, then jump straight onto the iOS store and download your free copy today. Be sure to look out for us on the game too! Unsurprisingly, we're called Dragon Zoo!

For more information on the game with forums, artwork and updates, check out the official Pocket Gems War Dragons page: http://pocketgems.com/games/wardragons/

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