Dragons in Thor Comics

We've recently discovered the very exciting new comic book Starborn - created by Stan Lee - featuring lots of dragons! But we're always on the lookout for older material that may have passed us by. This month, we've found some belters!

In the cinemas at the moment everyone is talking about comic book heroes and the mega blockbuster Marvel movies that are eating up the Box Office worldwide. In case you haven't guessed it yet, this month we're talking about Thor. Being "The God Of Thunder" he was always going to take some beating and in the movie its up to another God - Loki - to provide the big battles and the action. But here at Dragon Zoo, we're always on the look out for some popular news in the media and associate it back with what we love best, dragons!

Now, forget the Thor movie for a moment. I mean, its good and everything, and it does a nice job of setting up both Captain America and The Avengers, but does it feature any dragons? Nope. So it can't be that great. Here at Dragon Zoo we've trawled through some old and stinky comics in our local comic shop and have come up trumps with two issus of The Mighty Thor where we get to read about what we wanted to see most, Thor vs. Dragons!

Before we get onto the two issues that I managed to purchase and read, I'll start chronologically with the earliest comic I could find featuring Thor in. (I'm sure there were way more before these btw - if you know, email [email protected] and I'll update this page, thanks!)

THOR - THE MIGHTY THOR #238 - Night of the Troll- 1975

Dragons in Thor Comics - THE MIGHTY THOR #238

This comic primarily focuses on Thor fighting Zotarr, but the cover features some nice water dragon artwork. These represent the scenes in the comic where Thor has to visit an underground river and is attacked.

Next up, and appearing only a year later, another Thor comic with a dragon on its cover. Although the cover only just manages to sneaks a dragon onto the image. (its the background)

THOR - THE MIGHTY THOR #252 - A Dragon At The Gates! - 1976

Dragons in Thor Comics - THE MIGHTY THOR #252

In this comic, Thor battles with Ulik to try and get the ruby eye of the dragon that guards the gates to "The Realm Below"

In the legends of Thor there is a story of Thor fighting Jormungand - a giant serpent - Marvel use this occassionally in some of their storylines to create some spectacular action scenes and great comic covers such as the next one.


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