Firelight - Sophie Jordan (2011)

Author: Sophie Jordan

Publisher: HarperCollins

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

What's it About? Jacinda is a draki, a species descended from dragons with the ability to transform between human and dragon form. But even among her own people Jacinda is special as she has the almost unique ability to breathe fire, a trait that also belies a rebellious streak.

Forced to live in the human world, Jacindaís draki spirit starts to diminish until she meets and falls for Will, a mysterious man who seems to rekindle more than just romantic feelings. However, Willís family are draki hunters. Can Jacinda resist Will to save her life?

Dragon Zoo Recommends: The draki are certainly an interesting species, and the Romeo & Juliet forbidden love angle is irresistible if you enjoy romantic fiction. The first in a series of Firelight books, this has sold massively since its release back in 2011.

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