Dragonbound - Thea Harrison (2011)

Author: Thea Harrison

Publisher: Berkley

Genre: Fantasy / Romance

What's it About? A classic tale of blackmail, romance and dragons, Dragon Bound focuses on Pia Giovanni, a quiet half-human, half-wyr whose mission in life is to keep a low profile and avoid the raging conflict between her own wyrkind and their enemies, the Fae.

Pia’s life is changed forever when she is blackmailed into stealing a coin from a dragon’s hoard, setting on a collision course with one of the most powerful of the Elder races.

Dragon Zoo Recommends: This is the first in the very successful Elder Races series, so if you are at all intrigued by Thea Harrison’s work, then this is well worth checking out. One that is more for the romantics rather than pure dragon fans – the book’s dragon Dragos although powerful, isn’t as fantastical as you may like – this is nevertheless a wildly popular and critically acclaimed effort.

Dragonbound is available to buy from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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