Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers

Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers

Dragon Zoo has many thrilling stories to tell in a series of young adult dragon books being released over the next few years. The first Dragon Zoo short story is the thrilling introduction to The Prowler Dragon which is available now on Amazon.com and the Kindle Marketplace. The next thrilling fantasy action adventure dragon story for young adults and teen fiction is Dragon Zoo: Apocalypse. A story of survival in a post apocalyptic London. Check back regularly as we reveal when our new dragon books are released!

The Night of the Prowlers - Now available on Amazon Kindle Marketplace!

On Mount Etna something is awakening, and it's not the volcano.

What would you do if you discovered somebody's diary? Is there anything more tempting than reading someone's inner monologue, their thoughts, feelings and secrets...

How well do you get to know that person as a result of reading those diary pages? Now what if that diary was found at a crime scene, a scene where the writer was found dead?

In this thrilling short fantasy horror story set within the Dragon Zoo Universe, a young man's diary contains the only secrets of a night of terror on Halloween. Dragons exist…is this diary proof?

Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers is the gripping introduction to the Prowler dragon and a teasing insight into the thrills in store within the Dragon Zoo Universe.

Dragon Zoo: Apocalypse. Easter 2015!

Praise for Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers:

5 Stars - Monica

"Captivating and spooky from beginning to end!"

"This is a great book for Halloween. The story is very well written and had just the right amount of horror, fantasy, and suspense that kept me captivated as I turned every page. The characters are unique and very well developed that you will love following them in this suspenseful story as much as I did. After reading this I'm really looking forward to any future books that come out in this Dragon Zoo series. Highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of young adult series with tons of adventure."

5 Stars - Lisa F

"Great Read For Halloween"

"This was a great quick read , with a novel premise. The tension builds quickly and the eerie feel of the second part of the book makes it the perfect read for Halloween.

I hope there are more of these stories to come!

5 Stars - Mr P T Kendal

"When's the next one due?"

"Deeply compelling and far too short. Too scary for my 7 year old, but I loved it. Could literally taste the fear of the author and wasn't planning on reading it in one go but couldn't help myself."

5 Stars - R Ward

"Great Short Story"

"Great short story. The tension builds before exploding into an action thriller of a final act that was unputdownable."

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