The Welsh Inferno

The Welsh Inferno Dragon

The Welsh Inferno, as far as we can tell, was the first dragon species to appear when the great hatching started. This dragon species became known the world over when the Arnold family discovered it and protected the creature by opening Dragon Zoo in London. It was an instant hit, when young, their playful, active nature make for great viewing and when fully grown, their elegant red scales and impressive wingspan make for a truly wondrous sight unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

With reference to capabilities, this dragon is an absolute “all-rounder”. It is fast on the ground and in the air, it’s intelligent, and it’s blessed with the hottest jets of flame of any of the dragon species that have been discovered so far. The iconic red dragon scales aren’t just good to look at, they grow to be thick in adulthood – practically impenetrable – and resistant to heat and direct flame from other dragon attacks.

The Inferno has incredibly high body temperatures which certainly differentiates them from your average reptile. This high body temperature assists the dragon in maintaining the fire ducts in its lungs so that at any given moment it can produce a jet of flames. The dragon is generally peaceful and doesn’t use the powerful natural talents aggressively unless provoked, typically utilising the flame attack to assist in the capture and preparation of food before consumption.

Trivia: The Welsh Inferno’s scales can withstand temperatures hotter than a searing 2,000°C! That’s 350°C more heat resistance than the ceramic Space Shuttle tiles used to protect astronauts during re-entry.

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