The Scuttler

The Scuttler

The Scuttler Dragon originates from the deepest darkest corners of the rainforests. Little was known about this species until it was introduced into the Jungle Zone at Dragon Zoo and observed by our researchers. The Scuttler is small in size (comparative to the size of a grey squirrel) and has a large puffy tail in which it stores a toxic venom. One bite from a Scuttler can lead to disease and even death within 48 hours, but if attacked and bitten by multiple Scuttlers, you can be dead within minutes.

The Scuttler is the vermin of the dragon species, they stick to large groups, breed quickly and skulk out of the shadows to feed off the remains left from other species, picking carcasses clean when larger predators have had their fill.

Trivia: The Scuttler’s eyesight means that they often only appear at night where they can see clearly in pitch black conditions, however, daylight hurts their eyes forcing the small dragon to reduce them to narrow slits and rendering the creature near blind in sunny conditions.

Watch the Dragon Zoo Trilogy Mythology trailer below to learn more:

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