The Scottish Sea Dragon

The Scottish Sea Dragon

The Scottish Sea Dragons were discovered shortly after the print had dried on the global headlines of the Welsh Inferno discovery, any sea dragons discovered being safely contained at Dragon Zoo to keep both humans, and the dragon, safe. We have located this dragon in our Water Zone on the bank of the Thames at Dragon Zoo, where it seems to be just as comfortable living on land as it does in the water.

The dragon is unusual in that it seems to enjoy both fresh water and sea water, with no particular preference to either. Discoveries in the wild of this dragon species have been found in both the fresh water lochs and the coastal areas of Northern Scotland, with some fishing trawlers reporting attacks from the creature in recent months miles out to sea.

The Scottish Sea Dragon is an incredibly fast swimmer, the combination of its sleek body with its powerful front fins means it can thrust through the water effortlessly, enabling the dragon to attack or retreat at astonishing speed. The dragonís front fins are also adaptable to be used as legs whilst on land, enabling the dragon to walk near the banks of fresh water rivers and lochs or amongst the long grassed dunes and marsh areas of coastal regions.

Trivia: The Scottish Sea Dragon builds nests on the shores similar to crocodiles. Whilst crocodiles lay between 30 and 60 eggs, the Scottish Sea Dragon typically have 33% more eggs in each nest, incubating up to 90 eggs over a 60 day period.

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