The Prowler

The Prowler Dragon

The Prowler Dragon originates from Mount Etna in Sicily where the first official recorded existence of this species was documented by a gift shop worker on the volcano when his diary was discovered. (Read more in Night of the Prowlers) Following the diary’s discovery, the dragons were located shortly afterwards by the DZ Crew and brought to Dragon Zoo in London.

The Prowler dragon is a stunning combination of stealth and strength. The hatchlings are many and the species breed quickly, soon growing to the size of German Shepherd dogs and hunting in packs. At this age and size, the dragons are unpredictable. They can fly, sprint and breathe fire, but inconsistently, and the Prowlers spend a substantially long period learning their abilities and trying to master the natural abilities given to them. Whilst their ferocity, speed and strength can’t be easily matched, their intelligence and development speed means that fully grown adult Prowlers are a rarity.

When fully grown, the dragon has been known to reach the size of a Rhino. The adults move slower than their ubiquitous younglings but have stronger traits, are able to fly for longer periods, breathe fire consistently and have hardened scales which are much more resistant to attack than when they’re young. The dragon’s long angular jaws hold rows of razor sharp teeth and their distinctive dark black and purple colouring mean that they’re formidable and difficult to detect when hunting at night.

Trivia: The Prowler Dragon’s eggs may have originated from the volcano itself. Reports of an eruption at Mt. Etna coincided with the first reported appearance of this dragon species.

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