The Hydra Dragon

The Hydra Dragon

The Hydra Dragon is a two headed fire breathing dragon which is at home in swampland areas and fresh water marshes. With two heads, two brains and two pairs of eyes, this is one tricky dragon to sneak up on! The Hydra has an amazing awareness and fully utilises its 360 degrees of coverage to ensure that itís never caught out by ambush attacks from other predators.

Whilst the two heads serve to protect the dragon in many ways, its lower than average intelligence for a dragon means that it can sometimes be caught in two minds, especially when trying to fly or run. When the dragon is fully synchronised, itís formidable, if itís confused, the two heads arenít always better than one and the dragon can be caught out by indecision and infighting.

Trivia: Technically the Hydra Dragon never sleeps, only one of the dragonís heads ever sleeps at any one point, keeping the dragon safe 24 hours a day.

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