The Fisherman

The Fisherman Dragon

The actual name for this dragon is the South American Fish Hunter, but since its discovery we’ve nicknamed it simply, The Fisherman. And guess why? It LOVES fish!

In the wild it spends the majority of its days scouring the river banks of the Amazon River, where this dragon was first discovered in the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil. After too many deaths and attacks in the wild, this stunning dragon was brought to Dragon Zoo and housed safely in the Jungle Zone, a ground-breaking piece of engineering that recreates the climate of the Amazon Rainforest on the banks of the River Thames at Battersea Power Station in London.

Unlike the majority of the dragon species that have been discovered, The Fisherman is bi-pedal, meaning it walks on two legs instead of four. These powerful legs make the dragon very fast over the ground, when the dragon needs to move quickly, it often opts to use its strong legs to run rather than fly short distances with use of the small wings attached to its forearms.

The dragon’s mammoth set of protruding sharp front teeth is one of the first things you’ll notice about this dragon. These are used in conjunction with the spikes on its forearms to pluck fish out of the water. The creature’s strong jaws are also particularly impressive, the teeth and jaws combine well to enable the dragon to destroy tree trunks and bushes. The dragon clears large areas of jungle in this manner to create areas where it can sleep, nest and store food.

Trivia: Prior to the discovery of a living breathing South American Fish Hunter, the bones of one of these dragons was discovered in the Amazon. On first inspection, the locals thought they’d found a T-Rex fossil, that was until they spotted the distinctive front spikes and winged bone structure!

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