The Dragon Fowl

The Dragon Fowl

The Dragon Fowl is a small jungle based dragon which is all about speed and agility in the air. The Dragon Fowl is named as such due to its similarity to the jungle birds in the region with its feathered wings, distinctive beak, bi-pedal stance and the comparable size to a chicken, this Dragon Fowl really is more bird than dragon.

The difference? It breathes fire and itís only been in existence on planet earth for the last couple of years as far as Dragon Zooís researchers can surmise.

The Dragon Fowl utilises it speed and cunning, utilising its sharp beak and lethal wing spikes to evade danger and to attack smaller species.

Trivia: The Dragon Fowl is often seen fighting with Webbed River Dragons in the trees near rivers. Both species are equally matched in both size and agility, but often itís the poisonous bite of the river dragon which makes the Dragon Fowl prey more often than predator.

Watch the Dragon Zoo Trilogy Mythology trailer below to learn more:

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