Snow Stomper

Snow Stomper Dragon

The Snow Stomper was found on the Arctic planes by the Dragon Zoo crew responsible for responding to dragon sightings and attacks. After an Arctic expedition in extreme conditions, our team discovered this dragon species amidst the throes of a monumental snow storm.

This species thrives in sub-zero temperatures where other species would stand little chance of survival. The dragon possesses large wide padded feet, perfect for allowing its weight to be distributed without causing the dragon to sink into deep snow.

The Snow Stomper is also blessed with an impressive wing span which allows the dragon to fly ably in the extreme wind and snowy conditions of the Arctic, itís white scales help the creature remain well hidden in the stark bright surrounds of its natural habitat.

Sharp horns adorn the top of its head and form formidable rows along its back, protecting the dragon from aerial attacks, a common occurrence in a world of flying predators.

Trivia: The Snow Stomper does not breathe fire but can propel jets of icy air at its enemies, using its cavernous lungs to propel the air at over 100mph!

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