Saharan Sand Serpent

Saharan Sand Serpent Dragon

The serpentine, wingless sand dragon species is one of the few species of dragon which doesn’t fly, instead, it travels to where it desires by burrowing itself with speed and stealth through the dunes of the desert.

The Sand Serpent is well coloured for its habitat, its yellowed scales hiding the creature well amongst the golden sands. The dragon lies in wait within self burrowed tunnels beneath the surface of the dunes, detecting vibrations from above and tracking down its prey, bursting from beneath the sand to snatch camels, other dragons and unfortunate humans. Normally an attack from the serpent is over in seconds, however, it uses its horned head, razor sharp tail and immense speed if it gets caught in a fight with a larger species.

Trivia: The Saharan Sand Serpent burrows through the sand so fast, it could have created the 30mile long Channel Tunnel between England and France in just under 4 days rather than the 2 years it took to bore the tunnel with manmade tools!

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