New Zealand Mountain Dragon

New Zealand Dragon

Discovered by a group of base jumpers in New Zealand that climbed Mount Cook and had one giant, nasty shock waiting for them at the summit. They were lucky to survive and report back on this dragon’s existence by being equipped with parachutes and base jumping to safety as soon as the dragon sprang to attack them.

The name of this dragon says it all really, the New Zealand Mountain Dragon thrives in extreme conditions where the temperatures are colder, the air is thinner and the rocky outcrops are high and treacherous.

This dragon doesn’t have the gift of fiery breath, but can still attack by firing jets of ice cold air from its mouth, our dragon researchers have coined this attack as “the ice scream”. The mountain dragon is also one of the fiercest and strongest of all of the dragon species. The mammoth front legs and hulking frame of this dragon cannot be matched, and the front claws and crush most objects in a vice-like grip that’s practically impossible to escape from.

The dragon is also an extremely accomplished flier, leaping and flying from peak to peak, this dragon has conquered the New Zealand Mountains and made them its home.

Trivia: The New Zealand Mountain Dragon can propel icy air from its lungs at four times the speed of sound!

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