Gump Dragon

The Gump Forest Dragon is one strange cookie.

This dragon is normally found in one of two habitats, the dunes of the Thar desert in India, or hibernating in the Kamyaka forest at the north of the desert.

This dragon has some quite distinctive features which make it a bit of an "all-rounder", its long, slender and powerful legs make it the cheetah of the dragon species and the fastest recorded land dragon with a top speed of 75mph (the same top speed as a Cheetah.) It also uses its generous wing span to good effect, transforming its astonishing ground speed into a substantial speed through the air by simply spreading its wings whilst running at top speed.

The Gump dragon is unusual in that it doesn't breathe fire for a land based dragon, but fires a substance known as Gump. Gump is a black toxic spit which the dragon can shoot great distances with deadly accuracy and at high speed to burn its victims.

Trivia: The Gump Forest Dragon has toxic spit which can burn through a sheet of steel faster than Hyrofluoric Acid!

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