English Tyrant

English Tyrant Dragon

The English Tyrant is an absolute beast.

This dragon is by far and away the fiercest and most aggressive species of dragon that we have at Dragon Zoo. It has strong jaws and the sharpest teeth of all our dragons, but survives primarily on animalistic instinct rather than the levels of high intelligence demonstrated by some of our other dragons. We have had to put a lot of precautions in place within the Dragon Zoo Fire Zone to ensure that this quick moving and antagonstic dragon cannot escape its enclosure or cause undue harm to our other dragon species within the Fire Zone.

The English Tyrant is a particularly good flyer, it uses its strong legs and wings to propel it quickly from off the ground and through the air with ease. This dragon has excellent vision and prefers to hunt from the air, spotting prey from a high vantage point and performing impressive dives and swoops when it attacks. Our staff have had great fun keeping the dragon happy and active by catapulting its food into the air; the English Tyrant will always consume its meal before it hits the ground!

This dragon exists mostly on meat, and requires at least SIX meals a day to keep it in top condition.

Trivia: The English Tyrant can reach diving speeds of up to 120mph, that's 20mph faster than a Bald Eagle!

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