What is Dragon Zoo?

The Website

The Official Dragon Zoo website, where dragons live online, is your one-stop media hub for everything dragon related!

Want a complete list of every dragon movie thatís ever been released? Check out the Dragon Movies page. Want to know what the new Dragon Ball video game is like? Check out the Dragon Games page. What about the latest Game of Thrones book? Dragon Books has the info. Our team of staff writers are dedicated to creating as much new dragon content as we can, from gifts to real news stories, comics to anime, if it features a dragon, itíll be available on http://www.dragon-zoo.com.

Keep checking back as we build on our archives, delving into the past for dragon content and looking to the future with coverage on the latest releases.

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The Mythology

Life is ticking along quite normally for the Arnold family, until one day, a dragon appears. The Dragon Zoo Universe tells the story of what happens to this family from Camden Town in London, and the rest of the world.

Dragons begin appearing across the globe and it is up to Dragon Zoo at Battersea Power Station to manage the ever increasing numbers of hatchings and keep both dragons and humans safe. Told in a series of books, short stories and video media, the Dragon Zoo story is a thrilling Young Adult action adventure set in the modern world as we know it, where the monotony of normality is confronted by the fantastical.

The following Dragon Zoo books are available:

Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers - a short story revealing the thrilling introduction to the Prowler Dragon in a night of horror set on Mt. Etna.

Dragon Zoo: Apocalypse - set after the events of the Dragon Zoo book trilogy, this novel tells the incredible events of a group of survivors fighting their way across a dragon riddled post-apocalyptic London.

Coming Soon:

Dragon Zoo: Aftermath A unique story told through the medium of YouTube. Check the Dragon Zoo Official YouTube channel for updates on this amazing and one-of-a-kind adventure.

The Dragon Zoo Trilogy: The story of the Arnold Familyís discovery of dragons, the opening of Dragon Zoo and the fight to control the ever growing numbers of dragons across the world.

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